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Welcome to Footpoint Australia, soft orthotic specialists, where technology intergrates traditional treatment practices.

If you have been experiencing problems with your feet, legs or lower back for some time, chances are, the true cause of the pain has been overlooked.

Footpoint offers pain sufferers a holistic approach to problem identification, intergrating technology to look and measure whole body, not just the problem area. The result is an assessment and treatment plan to target the underlying problem, not just the point of pain.

Footpoint Clinicians can be found right around Australia and New Zealand now extending into Asian countries. These clinicians predominantly includes Accredited and Registered Podiatrist’s and other disciplines of allied health, all intergrating the technology into their specialised area of clinical expertise. While each clinician has a choosen area of specialty, their approach to assessing and treating your pain is similar. Best of all we use our assessment information to re-evaluate and identify changes, much more accurate than written notes.

All Accredited Footpoint  clinicians are equipped with the latest assessment/diagnostic technology.  When combined with traditional evaluation methods, this offers patients a better chance of achieving long-term relief from their pain and prevention of other potential problems.

Footpoint group clinicians have assessed, treated and fabricated foot orthotics for a long list of international and national sporting athletes and teams. It is therefore popular with athletes to be asessesed who are seeking to improve their performance or "gain an edge" or simply reduce thier risk of injury.

Footpoint is also for the over 55's, assessing areas of soft tissue/skin potential breakdown, footwear recommendation and measuring patients stability in order to prevent falls. Many Clinicians also monitor your general health including diabetes and blood pressure as part of thier assessment regime.

Guide To Pain

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2. Dynamic Examination.

3. Diagnostic Examination.