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The Footpoint Group

The Footpoint Group

The Footpoint Group consists of like minded professionals that integrate the latest technology into the clinical environment for measured holistic patient evaluation.

 Our Approach.

Patients are often somewhat surprised when evaluated with the European philosophy of the holistic assessment as it often reveals many underlying potential and related problems in a visual manner. Footpoint uses technology that assess posture, foot pressure, centre of gravity, bio feedback, stability and gait. The technology also integrates the findings into prescription orthotics considering shape and function of foot including foot pressure data. Foot orthotics are fabricated from the gathered information 3d scans, optical scans and foot pressure scans.

The assessment also assists the clinician in measuring various parts of the treatment regime which aids in re evaluation and measuring progress of the patient at a later date. Many Clinicians will also regularly check your basic health for example blood pressure, circulation, heart rate and blood sugar levels. This is often overlooked when patients don't have regular “checkups” with their doctors.

Power of Technology.

Footpoint assessments generally compliment traditional tested patient assessment taught within the medical institutions however adds a graphic component for patient education and measurement of data collected, and in particular the reassessment for change.

Registered Clinicians.

All Footpoint clinicians have their own special interest and are registered clinicians within the Australian (or registered country) Health Practitioner Registration Board. Private health fund and Medicare rebates may apply.

If you are experiencing pain in your feet, legs, lower back or hips and want to identify the true cause, rather than just fix the symptomatic aching or soreness, contact your nearest Footpoint Clinician. Alternatively, you can send a question to our team of clinicians here. We'll try to answer as many of your questions as possible on our "Ask an Expert" forum.



Jason Larkin, Podiatrist.

Based in Bundaberg, Jason Larkin is a fully quaified Podiatrist.

Rob Dick, Podiatrist

Rob has an established podiatry practise on the Sunshine Coast which is fitted out with the latest Footpoint gait analysis software.


1. Standard Examination.

2. Dynamic Examination.

3. Diagnostic Examination.